How to Write A Good Used Bass Boat Classified Ad

When trying to sell your boat independently, advertising is critical.  Creating the perfect bass boat ad is the first step in getting it out there.  Some used bass boat buyers choose to purchase from a dealership because of a larger selection of boats and the feeling that they are getting a perfect boat. On the other hand, some buyers favor buying directly from other owners because these boats usually have lower price tags.  Writing a good complete used bass boat for sale classified ad is very important. Consider the following tips for writing a good used bass boat classified ad. Take pictures when it is sunny out.  Take plenty of pictures with some showing the whole boat and some showing close ups of different areas of the boat. Be descriptive.  Have too much description rather than too little.  The more you put in the ad the less the prospective buyer will have to ask you right away. Always describe items accurately and correctly. Be honest. Don't waste your time or…
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Tips on What to Look For When Buying a Used Bass Boat

It's time to start the big hunt for a bass boat.  Maybe it's your first boat, or maybe you have years of experience driving boats, but either way it's always good to be armed with knowledge of what to look for.  What follows can be used as a buying guide and checklist on what to look for when buying a used bass boat.  There are three parts to the used boat buying process: Phone or email conversation with owner, Onsite Inspection and Lake Test, and Marine Mechanic checkup.  This mechanic inspection is sometimes overlooked but it is the best and only real way to know what you are buying.  It will likely cost $100 or so but can save a lot of wasted dollars later on.  Boats aren't cheap, there's a reason that you will here that BOAT stands for "Break Out Another Thousand".  Don't skimp on this step unless you are very comfortable working around marine engines. The first contact with a boat owner will usually be via a phone call or email.  This will give you the first impression …
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The Definitive List of Tools and Supplies to Keep in Your Bass Boat

Whether you are a hard core tournament bass junkie or once a month fair weather fisherman, you are going to encounter issues on the water at some point.  What's the boy scout motto again?  Problems can happen to you, your partner, or your bass boat.  Spare parts, tools to fix things that break, and emergency supplies take up some room but they can be packed neatly and are worth it.  Required safety equipment to have in your boat varies across the country so that's not included here.  Suffice to say, the first thing to do would be to make sure you have all that included as well. This is a pretty extensive list and you may choose not to include some items. Saving some weight in your compartments is never a bad plan, but I'd rather leave that fifth bag of flukes home than the electrical tape. Battery Jumper Cables: With the livewells on and your three HDS12's pinging away, you can run down your batteries without even thinking about it. You probably have three or four batteries …
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What To Know About Financing a Bass Boat

Buying a boat doesn't have to be a painful process. For most people, getting a loan for a bass boat is the best way.  Costs for new boats vary depending on size and make, but many boat manufacturers and dealers have boats for every budget.  If a new boat isn't in the cards, used boats offer a lot of value and in today's markets are a great option. is a great place to take a look at the available used boats on the market at any given time.   At, we work with boat loans every day and our business is centered in financing for the Bass Boat Industry.  Even with well over 30 years of financing experience, we learn something about boat loans every day.  We would like to give some common questions and misconceptions we hear and try to explain them. “Banks aren’t lending money on boats right now” - We are writing boat loans every day in our business.  Part of the problem is that deals are not presented properly by some dealers.   Deals are often tur…
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Fraud Awareness

At, we want to see you sell your bass boat quickly and easily.  Part of that is not having to deal with any fraud in the process.  Sadly there is a lot of it around in car and boat sales alike.  There are any number of schemes to get you to part with your boat without valid payment.  That said, it’s a very small chance you would ever run into it and we don’t want to discourage you from advertising online.  However, it is something to be aware of. Tips for Avoiding Scams Secure payment before you transfer ownership and work only with the specific person who is purchasing your bass boat (versus someone acting on his behalf). If you accept a check, be sure to verify it with the issuing bank -- not your bank. (The easiest way to avoid problems is to go to the buyer's bank and complete the final transaction there.) Be wary of anyone who makes an offer to buy your bass boat sight-unseen, especially buyers located overseas.  This may seem obvious but it can st…
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Top 10 Bass Fishing Websites

Springtime is almost here for bass fishermen around the country.  Many of you have probably spent countless hours organizing your bass boat and getting all the tackle back in some logical order.  When it's too cold for that, there are plenty of bass fishing websites for fishing fans.  From major bass tournament coverage to bass tips and tricks to buying the latest tackle and bass boat accessories, the online community is a huge resource for bass fishermen. Many bass tournament professionals have said that the younger generation of tournament anglers has a much smaller learning curve.  There is so much information online that you can now be learning about bass fishing without ever leaving the couch.  Twenty five years ago that wasn't the case.  Other than talking to your fishing buddies and reading a magazine or two, time on the water was about the only way to learn to be a better fishermen.  While time on the water is still by far the most beneficial, busy weekend warriors c…
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